Jennifer Lynn Tyler is a mother, writer, blogger, educator, and attorney living and working in Los Angeles. She shares a cozy apartment with her children, Madison and Isaiah, both precocious and busy teens.

Jennifer is a native of New Jersey. She attended Syracuse University’s Newhouse School where she studied Writing for Television Radio & Film, and Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles.

In whatever spare time she can manage, Jennifer enjoys reading, watching classic movies, hanging out with her girlfriends, sneaking out for a pedicure or a decadent dessert (or both), and quiet weekend mornings with the newspaper and a cup of coffee in her favorite mug.

She is the creator of the blog Mommy Madness Wisdom & Wit, found here and on Facebook.  Jennifer is also the co-creator, with her children, of the Facebook page and upcoming blog, Black Brainiac.

Stay tuned for much more. 


About MMWW


Jennifer loves being a mom. She's the first to admit that she doesn't have all the answers to the twists and turns that parenting often brings, but she's truly enjoying the journey. And that's saying a lot for a 40-something single mom raising an independent,

creative, and outspoken 15-year-old daughter (aka Thirteen) along with an introverted, wise-beyond-his-years, pre-teen son (aka The PhD). 

But Jennifer wouldn't change a thing. 

The life lessons, hard talks, spontaneous laughs, family crises--and family victories--are all inspiration for Jennifer's new blog: Mommy Madness, Wisdom & Wit (MMWW). 

Jennifer first began sharing her parenting wins--and faux pas--on Facebook, combining humor with her natural storytelling ability to elicit smiles and plenty of empathy from family and friends. Their enthusiastic reactions made Jennifer keenly aware that there really is no rulebook for parenting, and often, the best teachers are other parents.

Moms with younger kids naturally turn to each other for support and periodic sanity checks. But as children get older and begin to grapple with the complexities of adolescence, it seems that mothers become more isolated instead of continuing to forge

those important bonds. That's why MMWW targets women with older children.

The blog serves as a meeting place to motivate, entertain, inform, and unite moms, especially through their kids' precarious transitions from middle school to high school and beyond. Mothers everywhere know that parenting techniques have to change with the rising tide of hormones and independence. And those changes can be tough. But rather than focus solely on the hardships, MMWW shines the spotlight on the life lessons and

joys that come with raising kids through those adolescent years. Jennifer's blog tackles the challenges too, but readers will find plenty to laugh about and reflect upon along the way.

MMWW also features reviews on arts and books; cool buys for kids; fun family outings; insight from Thirteen and The PhD on movies, clothes, and music; important parenting news; and weekly words of encouragement.

Thirteen and The PhD are Jennifer's biggest fans--and greatest inspiration--and they're equally excited about you joining the MMWW community. So sit back and relax as you take in the real-life, relatable chronicles of Mommy Madness, Wisdom & Wit.