Your 2018 To Do List

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I’m still recovering from the holidays. Leftover candy canes and green and red foiled Hershey’s Kisses stare me down every day. And, I think we officially have until January 31 to wish people a Happy New Year! upon greeting them. Right? So, I know you’ll cut me some slack as I write about getting all brand new in 2018.

I’m not talking New Year’s resolutions, but go for what you know if it works. Instead, might I suggest a simple To Do List that’s all about you and fun and joy?


Here it is (in no particular order.)


Get out. Leave all of your electronic devices on the kitchen table, go for a walk, visit a museum, or explore your home city and discover hidden treasures.

Binge a bit. Get cozy in front of a screen with some ice cream, popcorn, coffee, or wine. Might be a perfect time to try that Red Wine Hot Chocolate recipe you’ve been ooh-ing and aah-ing over. (Or, is that just me?) It’s not too late to get up to speed with This Is Us. In the mood for a period drama? Poldark never disappoints and neither does The Crown. In the mood for a good western with badass female characters? Godless.

Take a nap. Naps are awesome in so many ways. Need convincing?

Try a new hobby. I’ve tried knitting many times over the years— its quiet, meditative quality appeals to me, but I’m all thumbs. I’m not giving up, though. 2018 just might be my year. Whatever you choose, make it something that’s just challenging enough to get your synapses firing, but not so challenging that you’re not having fun.

Throw a fancy dinner party. By fancy, I mean put on a pot of chili with a bunch of fun toppings (or make waffles, or order pizza) and call your friends over. 

Read more. Spend the day at the local library, or your favorite bookstore and discover your new favorite author.

Laugh more. Here's a little source material because laughter really is good for you.

Indulge in a guilty pleasure. When you find yourself out and about in the middle of the day because you’re running another thankless errand and it’s lunchtime, stop at Baskin Robbins for a hot fudge sundae. Trust me.

Learn to code. Just kidding, unless that’s really your thing.

Find joy. Get a hold of that thing that brings you joy and do it. Lots.

There you have it: our extremely doable 2018 To Do List. You're welcome!

And Happy New Year from the MMWW Fam!!